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"It's all about guiding companies and governments into a new way of thinking, when considering project development options. From material supplies to energy generation to economic trends that not only affect today, but will provide relevant solutions toward a cleaner and more sustainable future."
Steven V. Cross
Founder - American Alliance Group
Billion Dollar Projects Need Trillion Dollar Minds

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AAFFG LLC. offers a wide array of infrastructure consulting services.
We customize a strategy to specifically meet your project’s needs.¬†
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Project Review

Project Review is a relatively simple process, but an important first step to ensure the success of your project's implementation strategy.

Project Analysis

Project Analysis is the next essential step, which requires an in-depth investigation into a project's viability. Turnaround times take up to one week for a complete report.

Project Feasibility

Project Feasibility defines the basic plans into a tangible document, which outlines the details into a cohesive implementation strategy. This is a two week, or longer, endeavour and leads to the final evaluation of the project's budget.

Financial Review

Financial Review entails a comprehensive study of the project's labour requirements, realistic timetables, material supply and logistics validations to create a smooth transition from concept to physicality.

Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis is where the business plan is validated, the budget is finalized, and funding/partnership options are presented.

Project Funding

Our Project Funding service is a proprietary trade secret that allows for a full evaluation of the project's resource requirements, and provides creative project funding solutions.

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